Studio 7 Fashion Comp Plan

    We believe a comp plan should be easy to understand and designed to ensure our consultants earn quickly!

    Studio7Fashion offers 4 opportunities to earn extra cash, two profit opportunities and two commission opportunities.

    Profit Opportunities

    Profit is the difference between the price you pay for something and the price at which you sell the item. Profit is yours to keep. With Studio7Fashion you are free to set your own retail price on items you purchase from our consultants wholesale website.

    The first method of profit is from your personal Studio7Fashion retail website. Studio7Fashion offers at no cost a fully functional hands free turnkey website where you can sell and earn both profits and commissions. On your Studio7Fashion website, the retail prices are already set and your website is ready to sell for you. Promote your website by putting it on your Facebook and Instagram, your business cards and even in your emails.

    When a customer purchases items from your Studio7Fashion website, we collect payment, pack the items and ship directly to your customer. You will receive an email notification every time a sale is made on your website and you may check your sales progress by logging into your back office.

    Sales from your website are calculated from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. These sales are known as your Retail Purchase Volume (RPV). On your designated pay date you will receive, as your profit, a payment of 50% of the RPV. For example if the total sales on your website for the month is $452.00, then you will receive $226.00 as your profit.

    Your Studio7Fashion website is an important part of your business. Make every effort to include it in all your social media and on your business cards. Always tell others about your website when you are setup at shows, events and fairs.

    When hosting a home party have the website loaded onto a tablet or laptop so your guests may browse the fine selection of more than 600 jewelry and accessories items you have to offer. In fact, your home party guests may purchase and pay for their items directly through the website so you do not have to take orders or keep track of shipping their items. On occasion we offer "Home Party Discount Codes" that your guests may use to get a 10 or 15% discount off when buying through the website.

    The second method of earning profits is to purchase directly from our consultants wholesale website and then sell through a variety of venues, such as home parties, swap meets, events, fairs, etc. Most of the 600+ items in our inventory can easily be priced between 2 times and 3 times the wholesale price. For example; SKU 1003 is priced at $2.39, this is the price you pay. Once purchased you are free to set your own retail price or you may use your Studio7Fashion retail website as a guide for what to charge.

    On the retail website, SKU 1003 is priced at $5.77. Many of our consultants will double the price and round it up, while others will ask three times and then offer a discount. For example 3 times is $7.17, so you can ask $7 and negotiate it as low as $5 and still make a nice profit. For those who do not wish to negotiate, a good idea is to double the price and round it up to the nearest nickle ($4.80). If you don't want to carry change, round it to the nearest dollar ($5).

    In addition, prices fluctuate all across America, what sells for $5 in Kentucky may sell for $7 in New York. Even prices at different shows may fluctuate. At one show or market you may get $6 while the same item may only sell for $5 at a different event. Setting your own price allows you to take control of your business! Remember to be flexible and make a reasonable profit for yourself. There is no right or wrong in pricing for profit. If nobody buys the item, simply adjust the price until you find the perfect audience. Remember, you can always use the retail website as a guide for pricing.

    Commission Opportunities

    Commissions are earned two ways through Studio7Fashion. First, you receive a commission on sales from your Studio7Fashion retail website and purchases you make from the consultants wholesale website. Every purchase you make from the consultants wholesale website (less discounts, shipping and credits) will earn you a commission. This is known as your Wholesale Purchase Volume (WPV). Sales from your Studio7Fashion retail website are known as your Retail Purchase Volume (RPV). By adding together the WPV and the RPV, you arrive at your Total Purchase Volume (TPV). A commission according to the TPV chart below is paid on your TPV. This amount is paid on your designated pay date along with your profit and other commissions.

    The second commission opportunity is your Group Purchase Volume (GPV). With Studio7Fashion, you can build a downline of consultants to boost your income. If you know someone who may be looking for a way to build a business and earn extra cash, send them your personal sign up link. When they sign up, they are directly under you as a first tier consultant. There is no cost to sign up and you do not receive any payment when a person signs up.

    Your first tier consultants may also sign up people and these consultants are your second tier. Your second tier signups become your third tier. Commissions are paid to the third tier. To calculate your GPV, add together the TPV of your first through third tier. A commission according to the GPV chart below is paid out on your designated pay date.

    To improve your monthly commissions, encourage your consultants to host home parties, attend shows, markets and fairs, promote their website and do all the same things you do to build your business. Be a leader and mentor your downline to success. Partner together with your downline and share hosting home parties, or split the cost of a show and each of you bring a different variety of items. There are unlimited ways to work together with your downline to build a strong and successful business. After 60 days of inactivity a consultant's account will be removed and that consultant will no longer have access to it. All consultants must purchase atleast $25/month to receive ANY commissions regardless of what your GPV, WPV, TPV or RPV is. You cannot receive commission without being active. Downline and Upline are NOT permitted to purchase from each other via retail links.

    How Do I Get Paid

    Commissions and profits are calculated for the calendar month. Your designated pay date is on or about the 15th of the following month. So, profits, TPV and GPV commissions are calculated from the first day to the last day of the month and payment is sent via PayPal on or about the 15th of the month. You may check your back office to see your retail sales and your downline sales. Your purchases from the wholesale consultants site is not available in the back office. To total your WPV, add up your wholesale invoices (less discounts, credits and shipping) or you may email support to get your WPV.

    GPV Commission Chart

    Group Purchase Volume is calculated by adding your first through third tier sales and purchases. Group commission is only paid for the first 3 tier levels.
    $100 minimum for the entire month is required to receive commission. Please see the below chart.

    GPV $ | Commission
    $0-99 | 0% $100-999 | 2% $1000-2999 | 4% $3000+ | 5%

    TPV Commission Chart

    Total Purchase Volume is calculated by adding all your retail sales and your wholesale purchases.
    $100 minimum for the entire month is required to receive commission. Please see the below chart.

    TPV $ | Commission
    $0-99 | 0% $100-399 | 3% $400-999 | 4% $1000-1999 | 6% $2000-2999 | 8% $3000+ | 10%

    Terms of the Comp plan may be subject to change