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    How do I host a Facebook event?

    Hosting a Facebook event is fast and simple! The example here shows how to do so from a Facebook page. You will go to your page, and on the left hand side you will see "Events". You must click that to go into the event management. Once you are on the event tab, click on the blue button labeled "Create Event." This will take you to the detail page. Here you will enter a name for your event, a location (Note: Location is only needed if you are having an in-person event), description, category, and frequency. Once you have filled out all the details of your event, simply click the blue button labeled "Publish". You will then have the ability to invite your friends, family, and customers. You can share your event in groups, on your personal Facebook page, as well as your business page. Keep in mind when filling out your description to be as detailed as possible, and to use keywords that are specifically related to the type of event you are hosting. A detailed description with keywords is very important. This is how people will find your event.

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