Studio 7 Fashion Sign-up Info

    What is Studio7 Fashion's business model?

    Studio7Fashion is a direct sales company. We are a supplier/wholesaler/manufacturer of fashion jewelry and accessories. When you join, you become a Studio7Fashion consultant which allows you to purchase directly from our warehouse at wholesale prices. Consultants are free to sell at any price they choose and via any venue they desire. We do not restrict or constrain our consultants in how much to charge or where they may sell. In addition, we also do not restrict our consultants from belonging to multiple direct sales companies.

    Does Studio7Fashion offer retail websites for consultants?

    A consultant receives their own retail website complete with our selection of over 600 fashion jewelry and accessories ready to promote. The website is active and ready when you sign up. Consultants receive 50% of all sales from their website. Studio7Fashion fulfills all orders from consultants website. The consultant will have access to their back office to keep track of their sales and their downline. For more info see Studio7Fashion's Comp Plan.

    Can I build a downline with Studio7Fashion?

    Yes! we offer commissions on your first through third level. Sponsoring downlines is easy, have your potential use your personal link or enter your email address on the sign up form. See the Comp Plan.

    How Do I Earn?

    Studio7Fashion offers 4 easy ways to earn! We have 2 profit opportunities and 2 commission opportunities. Profits may be earned from your sales on your personal Studio7Fashion website which is setup for you when you signup at no cost. Sales from the website are fulfilled by Studio7Fashion and you receive a profit of 50% on each retail sale. When a sale is made on your personal Studio7Fashion website, we collect payment, pack and ship it to your customer. you will receive an email every time a sale is made.

    The second profit opportunity is in sales you personally make both online and offline. You purchase Studio7Fashion jewelry direct from our consultants wholesale website and then sell at your own determined retail price. While Studio7Fashion sets the retail prices on your personal website, you are free to set your own retail prices when you sell at home parties, swap meets, flea markets, on Facebook or Instagram, etc.

    For example, SKU 9001 costs $2.49 on the consultants wholesale website. On the retail website it is listed at $5.69. Let's say you purchase two from the consultants wholesale website and you sell one at your home party for $5, your profit is $2.51. Then you take the other one to a local swap meet and sell it for $6, your profit is $3.51. Now let's say a customer arrives at your personal Studio7Fashion website (see the How Do I Grow My Business section below) and purchases the same SKU 9001, they will pay $5.69. Your profit will be $2.85 plus you also will receive a commission! Which brings us to the other two ways to earn: commissions.

    Commissions are earned on your total purchase volume (TPV) for the month. Sales from your personal retail website are added to purchases you make from the consultants wholesale website to determine your TPV. A commission of between 3% and 10% is paid on the TPV.

    Commissions are also paid on your group purchase volume (GPV) which is calculated from the sales of your first through third tier signups. You may receive an additional 2% to 5% on GPV. For greater details on how these commissions are calculated, please refer to the comp plan.

    How Do I Contact Studio7Fashion?

    At Studio7Fashion, we are always ready to help and answer questions to ensure your success. We offer support through our customer service email address, text service and on our Facebook Business Page. Texts can be sent here: (702) 630-7784. Messages sent via the Contact Form will be forwarded to our customer service email:

    How Do I Grow My Business?

    We want you to be successful! Stay connected to our Facebook page and make sure you are receiving our emails to get specials, discounts and up-to-date info for your business.

    There are various ways to grow your business and the best approach is to incorporate as many methods as possible to maximize your potential. Following are a few basic marketing methods to get you started. Try to do as many as possible and see what works best for you.

    Home Party

    Everyone loves a social get together! Host a home party. Successful home parties will be centered around a fun experience more than a sales meeting. Make your home party an event that your invitees will remember and return the next time you host one. Offer refreshments, chips, dips, soft drinks, sweets, etc.

    Play some quick party games centered around the jewelry. For example, have a trivia game and the winner receives a free piece of jewelry or a % off coupon or $ off discount.

    Set a theme and have your refreshments and games in the same theme. For example, do a bohemian beach theme home party and offer fruity smoothies and beach games. Offer discounts on Studio7Fashion's line of bohemian and beach jewelry.

    Handbag Scavenger Hunt

    During this game you will call out items that can be found in a handbag. Each item is worth a certain amount of points and the person with the most points at the end of the game wins a prize of your choosing. Some ideas for this scavenger hunt include: Coins, Keys, Pen, Band-aid, Candy, Coins, Nail file, Grocery list.

    You Rang?

    For this game ask everyone to take out their phones. (You need to have yours out too) Tell everyone your number and have them all call it at once. Whoever is on the line when you answer is the winner. You can give the winner a goodie of your choice. While they all still have their phones out ask them to save your number in-case they have any questions regarding the jewelry or purchasing from you!

    A good thing to remember is to have your personal retail website loaded on a tablet or laptop so you can showcase all 600+ of your Studio7Fashion accessories. This way you don't have to carry the stock. In fact, your home party guests can order and pay right from the website while at the party. You can also give everyone the website address and let them know they can order after the party as well. If you prefer to have a different retail price, you may print out the catalog and share it with your guests.

    Prior to your home party, consider ordering one of our home party kits or our most popular kits. Try to schedule a home party once a month and feature different themes especially around monthly holidays. For example your January home party could be a Valentines day theme and May is a great time to do mother's day home parties. Be creative and remember to make it fun!

    Sponsor New Consultants

    There is power in numbers! Invite your close friends and family to partner with you in your business venture. Simply, consider anyone you think may be interested in building a business or earning extra cash and invite them to sign up under you. Provide them with your special link found in your back office. Remember, you can earn commissions from your downline and teaming up with your sponsored consultants can help you both build stronger businesses.

    Promote Your Retail Website

    Your Studio7Fashion retail website is an important part of your business. First and foremost, it gives you. credibility when you put it on your business cards and in your Facebook profile and even as a link in your signature for all your emails. Your website works for you 24/7 and even if you are short on time and money to promote, sharing your retail website is easy by making a quick Facebook or Instagram post.

    Always share your personal retail website at home parties and let your friends know about it too. The best part is that with Studio7Fashion's professional photos and reasonable prices, the jewelry sells itself. The Studio7Fashion retail website is the easiest and least expensive method of growing your business.

    Community Events

    Most communities have regular events where you may be able to sell and promote your Studio7Fashion jewelry. For example, swap meets/flea markets, craft shows, vendor events and fairs. Ask around at your church, school or other social events to discover places you may be able to sell. A great resource is to talk with vendors at the local flea market, as they usually know all the best vendor opportunities.

    Also check with your local library, as they at times have fundraiser events which permit vendors like yourself to sell. Another unique location is local senior centers, ask if you can come in as a guest to sell and offer to donate a portion of your proceeds. Most senior apartment buildings have a community room, you may ask the management if you can rent the room to do a home party for the residents. Be creative in finding vendor opportunities, even check in with your church, local girl scout troop or other fraternal organizations and offer to do a fundraiser, where you will donate a percentage of your sales to the organization.

    Make sure to check popular event websites which may list vendor opportunities as well. ( can you think of other websites?) Search google for "vendor opportunities in my city".Check events on Facebook as well for local opportunities.

    Online Promotions and Events

    Consider setting up your own Facebook event to sell and to advertise offline events you may be attending. Go to Facebook and click on set up event, here you can enter the date and time of your event and details of what the event is. Enter the pertinent info and if it is an online event, tell people to click "going" so they will be notified when it starts. Use the posting feature on the event to post photos of the jewelry you are selling and the price. Online events like this are a great way to fill in sales between your home parties and offline events. Facebook events is a profitable (not to mention, free) way to market your website.

    How Do I Join?

    Joining is easy and fast so you can begin earning today! There are no restrictions to joining and no cost. If you are a distributor or consultant with another company, we welcome you to join us as well. Please go to our Sign up page to begin your Studio7Fashion journey.